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LM Roots

LuMarcus Personal Care and Supplies is a family owned business that was created to help those in our community live their lives to their fullest. With over 27 years of experience assisting people to enjoy quality, independent living, we strive to offer products and services that will enhance their lives and help them fulfill their potential

LM Philosophy

LuMarcus isn’t just a business, it is loving/caring hands; it’s our calling and mission. We work towards creating solutions that preserve dignity, respect and independence that are affordable for our clients.  LuMarcus is woven together by deeply rooted principles that are the fiber of our organzation.

LM Promise

Our goal is to provide exceptional products and services to our clients. Our dedicated team of experts will work hard to find solutions for you through client innovations.  We don’t just want to just do business with you; we’d like to be part of your family.  

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